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About Qipu Macrame

QIPU MACRAME is based in Queenstown New Zealand and it was founded by me, Majo,  a Peruvian girl who's curiosity for travelling brought her to settle half way across the world.  

Architect by trade and creative by nature,  I found a form of expression in Macrame and a new passion that became a small business.

QIPU was one of the first forms of counting in the world and it was created by the Incas in South America. It consisted of different types of knots attached to a main stick of string.

Coming from Peru myself and using knots to create art,  I just thought the name made sense!

4mm single twist cotton string

Single Twist Natural Cotton String

coral single twist cotton string

4mm Single Twist Coloured

Cotton String

black 3mm cotton rope

3mm Single Twist Coloured Cotton String

4mm 3ply cotton rope

3ply Twist Natural

Cotton Rope

grey 3ply cotton rope

4mm 3ply twist Coloured

Cotton Rope

gold 3mm cotton rope

3mm 3ply Twist Coloured Cotton

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