My Story

My whole life I have loved being creative and using my hands to make all sorts of crafts.  After I got a degree in Architecture, my creative mind was focused on designing spaces for people to live in, but it was my passion for traveling that in 2016 made me put everything a side and go explore the world.

Now it's 2018. I have based myself in Queenstown, New Zealand  and it feels about time to get my creative mind to work again.  While going through a few options I fell in love with macrame, it was its simplicity and complexity combined that won my heart.  With a single piece of wood, cotton rope, a pair of scissors and a lot of time and patience - beautiful pieces come alive!

The Pieces

As a combination of my love for nature and design, I use drift wood from Lake Wakatipu and 100% Cotton Rope to create a variety of macrame pieces, each one made with love and the intention of bringing warmth and style to its future home. 

The Name

Quipu is the name of one of the first forms of counting in the world.  It was created by the Incas, an ancient culture from South America and it consisted of different types of knots made on different pieces of string which where attached to a main stick of string.

Being from Peru myself and using knots to create my art, I thought the name would suit perfectly.

Qipu Macrame 

Queenstown, New Zealand

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